Hot Days

Everyone loves ice cream.


These women sell traditional Burmese sarongs called longyis. They are lucky to have jobs inside the camp.

Weaving Workshop

This workshop is funded by foreign aid organizations. They built the looms, supply the materials and pay the weavers. Every person in the camp receives one longyi a year from this workshop.


We come here to get our hair cut.

Looking Out

We are only given a permit to leave the refugee camp under special circumstances. We have to receive permission from our community leaders and from the Thai authorities. Most of the things we need like schools, churches, hospitals, gardens and stores are inside the refugee camp.

Overseas Processing Entity

This is where the authorities post the names of people who are chosen for resettlement in a third country, usually the United States or Australia. Many people check this list everyday.


I love country and rock and roll.

Violence Against Women

When people use alcohol they often use violence as well. We have to work together as a community to stop violence against women.

Pulling Water

In the summer, water is available only a few times a day. We fill whatever containers we have, carry it home and boil it before drinking.

Daily Life

Most summer days are above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. When the temperatures rise we cool off in the stream.

Letters Home

On this bulletin board we post letters and pictures from our relatives who have resettled in a third country.


Aid organizations give us beans, rice and fish paste. If we want to eat vegetables we have to grow or buy them. This is difficult because as refugees we cannot legally work outside of the camp.